Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle

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Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

A massive number of planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared. Or have they? The Bermuda Triangle was first proposed in a newspaper article in 1950. Its dimensions were first created by Vincent Gaddis in 1964, who stated that the area supposedly runs from Bermuda to Florida to Puerto Rico. One of its more famous cases is that of Flight 19, five US military bombers that disappeared on a training mission off the coast of Florida. Are aliens responsible for the disappearance of the bombers and hundreds of other vessels? Is there a unique weather condition? Or, are supernatural forces at work? Unfortunately for conspiracy buffs, extensive research has shown that this is no mystery- ships, and planes in this area do not disappear at a rate higher than any other ocean. Both Lloyds of London and the US Coast Guard have rejected the concept, and many authors have shown that most of the disappearances can be explained, even that of Flight 19. However, the enduring legend of the Bermuda Triangle has proven to be a great plot device in many exciting novels.
Apocalypse by Dean Crawford features the tale of a plane of scientists disappearing while flying through the Bermuda Triangle.
Former journalist and Navy SEAL Ethan Warner embarks on a journey to find the truth behind their disappearance in this engaging adventure novel. Heather Graham’s Ghost Night takes you on a Caribbean island as filmmaker Sean O’Hara
Tries to solve a years’ old murder. Was it pirates? Or was it the supernatural forces of the Bermuda Triangle?
Secret agent Matt Helm is sent on a double mission in Matt Helm: The Intimidators by Donald Hamilton. Assassinate an enemy agent and find an heiress who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Matt Helm is the US version of James Bond, and over 27 novels of the action-adventure series have been written. Instead of reading about it, maybe you’d like to visit the Bermuda Triangle? You can start with the Atlas of Cursed Locations by Oliver Le Carrer. The author takes you to numerous odd locations around the globe, including the triangle. Or maybe you’d like to tempt fate and cruise through the beautiful waters of the triangle?
You can visit BCPL and check out the Caribbean By Cruise Ship, Cruise Vacations for Dummies, or Stern’s Guide to the Cruise Vacation by Stephen Stern. If you want to cruise far, far away from the Bermuda Triangle, you can come to pick up a copy
of Alaska by Cruise Ship: The Complete Guide to Cruising Alaska.


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  2. Bremuda yeah right from my 10th grade I heard about it but that time was not pretty much sure was it is actually n how all this incident are taking places like crashing of planes and sinking of ships etc etc and I was imature at that time I didn’t think bout it but few days back I heard it once again the name Bermuda then I thought of searching it and I found this article it was wonderful like I really got all the brefing n details bout it n it was great thanks a lot.

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