Sophie Hall Fashion Nova Curve Haul

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my name is Sophie, and I’m here with AGT, and I’m going to show you some
of my favorite things from my Fashion Nova haul
one of them starting with this super cute two-piece set it’s a sunny
lounge set striped lounge that it’s so cute I love how it’s got the long
Sleeves, you have the zipper here, and who doesn’t love a 2-piece set? It totally
makes things easy you do not have to match anything you can grab it and
Go okay, so right here, I have the tubular bodysuits in rust. I love
this color for some reason it just looks beautiful I look so tan eyes blue eyes
Poppin Love it!


Next is the center of attention of one-shoulder dress how cute is this?
the fabric secondly it’s so stretchy, so I think you can even get away with not
wearing Spanx with this and who doesn’t love being the center of attention
I love this

so next I have the perfect tan bikini in red I absolutely love this because it’s
a tube top and so I’m guessing with the ideal tan they’re saying you don’t
have any straps you’d have to worry about that tan line, and I also love how

this has a high waist it’s super cute, and it still looks nice on curves it’s a
little cinched at the waist here as you see the angle and I love the red

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