Sleeping next to the TV or watching it before bed warn its dangers


Sleeping next to the TV or watching it before bed warn its dangers

Many of us usually sleep next to the TV or even watch TV before bed, for many there are a set of habits that they do before bed, including watching a movie or video on the TV before bed, but sleeping next to the TV will never make you fall asleep, but instead gives you a set of risks Even with watching TV in a dark room. Although watching TV takes place all the time, the problem is when you sleep in front of the television because it has a profound effect on your health and turns into a dangerous habit when you leave the TV running in the background with a low voice throughout the night.
Sleep next to the TV or watch it
Doctors and researchers are advised to abandon this bad habit because light affects the internal clock of the body, and you will suffer from chaos in your sleep cycle and thus feel less comfortable when sleeping than you will feel when you give up not sleeping next to the television. Although researchers admit that some need noise or a distraction in the background to calm their minds, they can be replaced by an application that helps to meditate better.

Should you fall asleep next to the TV?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of Americans watch TV almost immediately before bed every night. Should they also worry about this bad habit? In this article, we will explain the reasons why you give up watching TV before bed and get the TV out of the bedroom entirely because it may have adverse effects with the same degree of smoking because studies have been done about the impact of the blue light from the TV, which It results in insomnia and stress. All research has been done on the effects of blue light because studies on the impact of television during sleep are limited. And all the endeavors showed that watching TV is a harmful activity and you should look for other ways to get rid of that habit and replace it with another healthier habit. Have you heard about the benefits of sleeping naked?

Are you watching TV before bed?
Melatonin production is prohibited:

Because exposure to blue light directly from the TV before bedtime disrupts the production of melatonin in the body, which is the hormone responsible for sleep, and it can reach the peak of its production before it falls asleep and gradually appears from the body as soon as the morning comes. We jump to work; the point is low until it approaches the time of bedtime.

Affects the body’s biological clock:

Of course, all humans have a biological clock (internal clock) for the organization that controls biological functions, and its 24-hour cycle is consistent with day and night light. This watch not only affects sleeping hours, but it is also responsible for hormonal purposes, metabolism, etc. And when you sleep in the light of the TV, it can affect the watch’s ability to know the time. And if the weather is dark outside, the body will know instinctively that it is time to sleep. However, light from the TV can signal the brain that instead of sleeping, it’s time to wake up, causing you to have common sleep disturbances.

 Prevents deep sleep stages:

The constant emission of light from the television, especially the blue lights inside it, prevents the body from entering deep sleep phases and, at worst, makes the time you spend in deep sleep phases less.

Low sleep quality:

Constant exposure to brightness from the TV may change your bedtime instead of waking up refreshed from getting 8 hours of sleep. You may find yourself walking the next morning like a zombie.

Spoil Your Sleep Cycle:

The body needs to enter the deep sleep cycle to repair and restore tissues, as well as address information and stimuli that have occurred throughout the day. The deep sleep phase is one of the most important stages that the human body must reach. When exposed to television at night, it prevents access to the deeper stages of sleep, and this reduces the ability I have to recover and process information.

Increased cortisol level in the body:

When you watch television while you sleep or fall asleep while watching, the light from the television channel or electronic devices, in general, can cause a variety of problems, including high levels of cortisol and make you awake instead of drifting into sleep.

You will become dependent on TV as a sleeper:

If you realize that you become dependent on television as a means of sleep every day and as Jain told the health expert that when you become dependent on television as a method of sleep, it makes it difficult or impossible for you when you cannot sleep in front of the TV, and you must give up this habit and whether the effects are positive or Negative, you must give up this bad habit.


Does watching TV before bed cause depression and anxiety?
Once again, science here supports the theory that blue light coming from the television at night can cause depression and anxiety. Studies tend to keep the room lit continuously for 24 hours, and although the TV does not emit the same brightness, it affects. Depression and anxiety are potentially life-threatening diseases and may need more time to get rid of events that make you feel distracted and stressful affairs. In such cases, it seems logical that the light from the TV screen disrupts your bedtime.

Could sleeping next to the TV too late lead to sleep deprivation?
Yes, if you watch a movie or a teaser, you may remain awake and face sleep disturbances. Likewise, if you are facing a program, you will get fewer hours.

Benefits of not sleeping in front of the TV:

Having a better sleep: We realize that the temptation of the screen is powerful and may prevent you from sleeping at night, especially when you feel tired because the presence of television in the bedroom makes us wake up late at night, but some studies say watching TV late at night disrupts your sleep cycle. Therefore You need to get the TV out of the room to get better sleep quality and become more productive.

 Setting your priorities: Sometimes, when you watch television before bed, it causes you not to think about the problems and things you are going through, and you may ignore them, but you need to prioritize when you give up watching TV. Your morning thoughts will be full of essential things that you need to do.

Helping children to study: 

When you can get the TV out of the bedroom, you help your children explore and take exams in the study with confidence because you increase their concentration in the subjects they receive. The presence of television in the room can be linked to weight gain and an increased risk of smoking.

Strengthening the marital relationship:

When you give up the presence of the TV in the bedroom, this will allow more conversation between the spouses and can be more intimate and stronger conversations during the few hours of the day instead of watching TV. This could be enough reason to get the TV out of the bedroom.

More reading: Failure to sleep in front of the TV will push you to learn more and do more, and of course, there are many benefits for you instead of watching and exposing to the potential risks to it.

 Going to sleep together: One of the benefits of getting rid of the presence of television in the bedroom is going to sleep together and setting a schedule for sleeping together and becoming more disciplined with specific dates for relaxing with your wife instead of entering sleep later than her.

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  1. En resumen según lo que entendí del articulo es que tenemos una hormona del sueño y si dormimos frente a una pantalla encendida, lo que produce esa hormona disminuye y que el cuerpo tiene un reloj biológico interno, el cual asume que debe estar despierto y esto afecta demasiado porque el dormir frente al televisor impide que se completen las etapas del sueño del ser humano cuando nuestros ojos están frente a la luz natural y o artificial y que cuando los ojos ven oscuridad total nuestro reloj interno asume que el cuerpo debe descansar o dormir y así poder completar los ciclos del sueño y tener una excelente salud


  3. SLEEP NEXT TO TV OR WATCHING IN THE BED NEAR THE TV IS VERY BAD FOR HEALTH. IT DESTROY YOUR EYE SIGHT AND DECREASE YOU EYE POWER. Now a days peoples make habit of this its really danger very good article .
    appreciate your work good to read this

  4. Okay, alot of insite on this site. No pun intended but for real, I never thought something like the television could distrupt sleep cycle. where I come from we experience shortage of electricity alot. so the was a time when I was watching the TV and power was interruoted, I slept right there on the couch unintetionally and somewhere in the middle of the night, electricity was restored and boom…..the television started to make alot of noise in the background. This noise woke me up and I immediately stood up from the couch to go put of the TV and lo and behold, my legs collapsed right underneath me and I had to crawl to the tv to put it off, crawled back to the couch to continue my sleep. Yes, incase you were wondering, there was no permanent damage, it was onoy for that moment. but till this day, I still do not understand and neither can I explained what happened to me and my legs scientifically that night. I do not know how to find out either but I will love to.

  5. but also Watching TV before bed can have some benefits as well like these

    Pros and Cons to Having a TV in Your Bedroom
    If your household is anything like ours, then the argument of TV vs NO TV before bed is a common occurrence. As television gained popularity it also became cheaper. Making it affordable enough to have several TVs throughout the house, including one in the bedroom. But did we ever stop to ask whether or not we should put a TV in our bedrooms?

    pros and cons to having a tv in the bedroom
    More recently individuals and couples have started removing their TVs from their bedrooms. All in search for healthier relationships and better sleep. However, some people swear they can’t sleep without it, while it drives others crazy. Could TV be ruining your sleep? Keep reading below as we go through all of the Pros and Cons of having a TV in the Bedroom to help you decide whether or not it’s a good idea for you.

    Pros to a TV in the Bedroom
    There is two sides to every coin. And, even though we may not personally be a big fan of having a TV in your bedroom, we can’t disagree that there are some appealing aspects. Some that stand out to us as being beneficial are found below.

    pros to having a tv in the bedroomWe all have our different rituals and routines before going to sleep. When we have healthy routines that we adhere to on a daily basis, it can be very beneficial to your sleeping health. Making it easier and faster to fall and stay asleep. If you choose to incorporate watching a TV show into a well rounded otherwise healthy nighttime routine, then you may experience that it helps you get in the mood to sleep.

    With this tactic, watching the same show every night will help set the routine. If you are hearing the same theme tone and voices every single night, those familiar sounds will start to trigger those nighttime feelings.

    Bonding Through TV
    pros to sleeping with a tvWhile there are plenty of arguments against television in the bedroom for couples, (we will get to those in the cons list) There is a potential benefit to watching TV as a couple in bed. Snuggling up together while you watch your favorite show, can be a great bonding experience. Especially if it is a show you both love.

    You should take note however, that this is only beneficial if both you and your partner are enjoying the show together. If one of you is on their phone, brushing their teeth, or helping the kids get to bed, then this is no longer a bonding experience.

    Only Time for Entertainment
    pros to nighttime tv watchingIt is possible that the only free time you have throughout the day to watch your favorite show is after you get into bed. Maybe you have a busy work schedule or the show you really love isn’t appropriate to watch around the kids.

    This leaves night time as the only time left for you to get a chance to see your favorite show and squeeze in a bit of “me time” before bed. While this isn’t ideal, it is definitely understandable.

    Background Noise
    downsides to watching tv at nightWhen we live such busy loud lives, falling asleep to silence can be difficult. Especially if it is the only time you get any peace and quiet. While it might seem strange unless you experience it yourself, silence can be hard to digest.

    It may also enhance other small noises like the creaking sounds of your house our your neighbors going about their business. Having the TV on in the background can block out those random noises and make it easier to get some sleep.

    benefits to watching tv at nightIf you choose the right show to watch, without any interruptions from advertisements, then it can be a calming activity. Something that can keep your busy mind at bay while being distracted by a lighthearted familiar show or movie.

    This can be especially helpful to those with anxiety who find it difficult to sit in the darkness with their own thoughts.

  6. this is really eye opening for many ,, now many are using tV in their bed room and continuously watching TV. it will disturb your sleep and its not good for health if you are not getting proper sleep. the article is really interesting , this will give me idea to avoid watching tv in continuous , thanks for the article ,,, keep going ,,,

  7. Esta información realmente es increíble ya que el ver televisión antes de dormir es un habito demasiado común en todas las personas y lo vemos normal por que es común pero realmente nunca llegue a pensar que fuera malo y tuviera todos estos efectos en nosotros. Etas son cosas que uno no sabe pero debería saber y por esto pienso que este tipo de artículos se deberían viral izar mas para que las personas conozcan los males que hacen a su cuerpo al hacer cosas muy cotidianas como es mirar el televisor antes de dormir o que se quede encendido mientras dormimos.

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