pictures: Fall / Winter 2020 fashion trend that you will find on the market this season

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The fashion of autumn-winter colors 2020 is very diverse, as it is a mixture of bold, strong, and bright, as well as dark and quiet. The role of fashion and fashion bloggers has tended to mix the fall-winter colors of 2020 in many unexpected ways, which will change your perception of the art of coordinating winter colors for the coming period!
On the occasion of the fall and winter seasons, we decided to share with you the Fall / Winter 2020 color list approved by Pantone, the international color company, for application in fashion and decoration. The list includes ten primary colors that will overwhelm the market in the coming period, so keep reading and learn more about the popular colors in 2020 and ideas to harmonize them with other colors.
Bright orangeSome sharp and vivid colors still dominate the autumn-winter 2020 fashion trend. You can coordinate it with neutral colors like ivory and black, or with other bold grades such as yellow and blue.

Red (the color of pepper) Fashion the colors of autumn-winter 2020 Red never miss the fashion of the colors of winter, and Pantone chose this year the degree of red pepper. Fashion bloggers tended to coordinate it in different styles. Sometimes they combined it with bright colors, sometimes with other shades of red, and times with subtle shades of pink.

Pink, a lot of femininity, pink! The trend this year is to increase clothes coordination in a very bold style, as two colors that were not expected to be coordinated together. This year you will find many fashion bloggers wearing pink with red, yellow, or other shades of pink.

Nod in the fashion colors of winter 2020
Another color that you will find accessible this season is a nod or, as you call it, Pantone (pale peach). You will find it spread in bags, coats, etc. It will also seem suitable for those who like quiet and straightforward looks.

Brown color dominates the winter 2020 fashion, and dark colors are still reserving a special place for the autumn/winter 2020 fashion. Therefore, during this season, brown will find various colors very popular. You can coordinate more than one degree in one view to create a distinctive and warm look.

Dark green
It seems that this year you will find dark green in control of most clothes, whether it is coats, pullovers, skirts. You can coordinate it with different colors, starting from dark and light.

Quiet blue fashion winter 2020

Cool blue tones dominate this year instead of bright ones. The trend increases to wear gradients in one look or coordinate with yellow, red, and possibly purple. You will also find him very much in control of women’s suits.

Olive green, while the degree of olive, maintains its presence among high fashion and can be coordinated with dark or bright green tones. It can also be worn with neutral grades such as black and white.

Gray from the fall-winter 2020 colors
Also, gray is one of the excellent grades that keeps its place in the fall-winter color fashion 2020. You will find it in various shades. It is one of the easy-to-coordinate colors because it can match any color you want.

Orangeish yellow, orangeish yellow is one of the lights and bright colors that dominate the fashion of this season. You will find it prevalent in pullovers, jumpsuits, and skirts. It just suffices to coordinate it elegantly.
If you are confused about how to coordinate these colors, see the following picture ideas for organizing the colors of winter 2020 inspired by the street looks in the recent international fashion weeks .. Take inspiration from your next watch.

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