Pamela Medina

Pamela Medina – Fashion Nova Curve Model Story

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Pamela Medina
Pamela Medina

Pamela Medina

Hi I’m Pamela Medina I am born and raised in Florida and currently reside in WestPalm Beach Florida really love this new curve movement because I think it gives people the opportunity to feel beautiful stepping outside of the box and not feel the need to be you know only skinny and fit and confidence is the sexiest thing that anybody can wear, so I love that people are you do feeling confident in their own skin and feeling beautiful no matter what size you are am currently single for the last few months I haven’t really dated I yet have kind of just been enjoying being single and focusing on myself and doing my own
thing but I’m curious to see how it’s gonna affect me being curvyI’d say my biggest turnoff sent a guy is definitely poor grammar it’s a pet peeve of mine and also, smooth talkers, I don’t like to feel like somebody is trying to smooth talk me into something just be real and honest with me and I like that I love Fashion Nova curve they are a lifesaver for me they are the only brand that I can find comfortable, cute clothes that are also affordable and that they fit my body and they fit my curves all the time I never have trouble with them I order from them constantly

Pamela Medina
Pamela Medina

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