How to wear a classic blue … Pantone color for 2020?

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Four days ago, Pantone announced the color 2020, Classic Blue. This can be described as one of the deep classic grades, and despite its simplicity but amazing, it can give you an elegant look, especially with clothes. Which is inspired by the color of the sky at dusk, that is, the first darkness of the night after sunset? And you can wear it with many different shades of blue for a unique look this year.


5 thoughts on “How to wear a classic blue … Pantone color for 2020?

  1. Blue is the most beautiful color, it will be very easy to use in all seasons, spring – summer, autumn – winter

  2. it was really great artical and very impotant for everyone. Internet sex or electronic sex is one of the most critical issues of the current century that is not being talked about enough was best for beauti

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