How can you discover your hidden creativity to improve your life?

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Despite what you may know, everyone can be creative! It is effortless to think of creativity as being specific to musicians, artists, and writers. Creativity can be used in all jobs and all areas of life.

Here I am referring to original features such as thinking outside the box, finding new solutions to old problems, and combining two ideas to create a unique design.

For example, consider Henry Ford. He gave people cars when they were at that time. They might just want horses faster!

Then there is Elon Musk, who found a viable solution to the problem of busy roads in Hyperloop Towns and Cities! It is an underground tunnel system designed to connect significant gatherings with clean, ultra-fast capsules that can carry passengers, cars, and freight. Yes, a genius.

Let’s move on now to see how improving your creativity can improve your life.

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Creativity will improve your expectations
People who practice daily creativity (such as finding new ways to work, preparing different meals, and solving crossword puzzles) share personality traits with those whom we consider “real” creators, such as artists, designers, and musicians.

Common features include:

Opening horizons.
Continuous learning.
The positive.
Some studies indicate that people who regularly engage in creative activities are more flexible, happier. No wonder then, that there is a proven link between creativity and enhanced mental health (this may be due to superior thinking skills in problem-solving).

I hope I’ve said enough to convince you that exploring your creative side can improve your outlook on life.

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 What is the best way to be creative?
Boost your self-confidence.
When you have high self-confidence, you will not be afraid to try new things and get out of your comfort zone, all of these things will keep you in touch with your inner creative genie, which is just waiting for your signal to act on your behalf!

However, how can you increase your confidence?

… by always facing and overcoming challenges.

Creativity will increase opportunities
Creative individuals often notice more opportunities in life.

How is that?

Because they learned how to find a way to turn any obstacle into an opportunity by tackling it from another angle, it is also possible that they will be the first to notice new possibilities, only by having an open mind; while a person who does not exploit his creations may miss these hidden opportunities.

If you feel falling into a trench, try some (or all) of these things to free yourself:

Take action: Yes, do not be stuck; work brings you closer to success!
Look for the positives: By doing this, you will open the door to new opportunities.
Get started simply: you don’t necessarily need a big jump; instead, you can make small changes that create an upward trend that cannot be stopped.
Creativity gives you the freedom to mess
I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Thomas Edison

I like this quote because it intelligently demonstrates that creativity is primarily about persistence and experimentation, and experimentation often means making mistakes!

If you’ve ever seen a graphic designer work, you’ll notice one thing: He constantly changes stuff in design, so he gets the look he wants.

This is how most creative people work. They keep trying new and different things until they get the first result.

So … what about you?

Are you afraid to try new things now?

If you are, you are preventing your creativity from unleashing it; I recommend being cautious aside and pushing yourself through your mental barriers out of the comfort zone.

Once you learn that you have fertile ideas that you just need to free from your intellectual shells, you will learn the secret to living a creative life.

Here I set a personal example, although I hold a degree in architecture. Still, my love to learn and explore made me love to try new things until it became a passion for me already, and this is what I consider to be a truly divine gift, as I was able to experience experiences far from my university education, I was able to create my own media foundation and a motivational website, and I had a book recently published, which I was present a few days ago at the International Exhibition in Algeria.

We all have creativity within us. By adopting the above suggestions, you can take advantage of this hidden power forever. When you do this, your life will make a new path that leads to happiness, achievement, and success.

6 thoughts on “How can you discover your hidden creativity to improve your life?

  1. Who does not want to succeed in life. It is not difficult to achieve success if you avoid certain things and try to achieve your goals. However, there are many people in the world who go far beyond the path of success in order to prioritize other things in life.

    So first of all you need to know which things stand in the way of success and what things need to be avoided in order to be successful in life. Now let’s find out if you want to be successful or not.

    1. Slightly frustrated:

    You can never be successful in life if you get a little frustrated. When you start a new job or start a job, it may be wrong, the results may not be as expected but if you are frustrated, you can never move forward. So when you start something, you get frustrated in the middle and try all the time without giving up. Then you will see that at some point you have succeeded in that.

    2. Running after so many things at once:

    If you run after many things at once, you will see that in the end there is no success in any of them. So they will try to do one thing after another without getting involved in many things at once. This will reduce the pressure on you on the one hand and your work will be better on the other hand.

    3. Thinking more about the past:

    If you think about the past all the time, if you stop thinking about what happened in the past, you can never move forward in life. There will always be failures in life, there will always be bad times, but you will always try to move forward by relying on yourself without thinking about them. He will try to do something good by correcting the mistakes of the past. Then you will see that one day you will really come close to success.

    4. Waiting for the future:

    None of us know what will happen in the future. Maybe something good is waiting for you in the future. Again, the opposite may be the case. Living in the hope of the future will only waste your precious time in life, but work will be nothing. So those who are wasting their time thinking about the future, don’t wait for the future, start the race to move forward in life from today.

    5. Thinking negatively about everything:

    Failure is most often seen in the lives of people who see everything in a negative light. If you think negatively about everything, if you think negatively about everything, then gradually your thoughts will also become negative. Then you will lose confidence in yourself, you will not have the courage to do anything new. So instead of thinking negative all the time, you should think positive.

    To be successful in life, you have to do these few things with your mind. Success will not come to your house. I have to bring him.
    Through effort, effort and hard work.
    This time let’s come with some creativity hidden in ourselves.

    Where most people work routinely, few people work against the current. They make their own way by not walking in the way they made before. From time to time these creative people have shown the world the light of new hope. That’s why the importance of being creative is so much! Now the question may come- what is the way to be creative? How to develop creativity? Something about this creativity-

     1- Hard work gives fullness to creativity

    We generally think that talented people don’t work very hard. What they do becomes extraordinary. But there are many mistakes and failures behind their extraordinary work and hard work to overcome them. Pablo Picasso was once asked by a woman to hold a pen and paper and draw something for me. Picasso did a great job in a short time. Then he said, it costs one million dollars. The woman said, “You drew it in just thirty seconds.” “I had to work for thirty years to get this job done in thirty seconds,” Picasso said.

     2- Fate helps hard workers

    One might say, creative people succeed because they are lucky. Although luck has a hand in success, luck only comes in handy when enough work is done for that luck. Fortune favored Picasso or Jusak only when they did their best.

    “According to Shonda Rhymes,
    “You say you dream but dreams do not succeed. Everything happens because of hard work. Hard work results in change. Leave the dream. Be a work man without being a dreamer. Maybe you know your dream. But you can’t do that because you don’t know what you like. Truth be told, you don’t even need to know. You just have to move forward. Something has to be done. Opportunity must be seized. Must be ready for something new. It doesn’t have to be exactly what you want it to be. The perfect thing is always monotonous, and dreams are not true. Just keep working. ”

    3- The more work you do, the more likely you are to succeed

    The more you work, the more likely you are to succeed. This rule is called ‘Equal Odd Rule’. Psychologist Keith Simmonton gave this theory. According to this theory, any scientist is equally likely to discover something extraordinary or something ordinary. In other words, you cannot predict your success. So all you can do is create more work. As a result, some of the work is likely to be very good. That’s why you have to do a lot of things that are not in your mind. But if you want to create something extraordinary, you must also allow yourself to do something ordinary. Once the simple ideas come out of your head, the great ideas will have a chance to come. So just keep working. If you only want to do timeless work, you will fall behind. So time will tell which of your work will be timeless and which will not.

     4- Do not rely on the mind for work

    Do not rely on the will of the mind to do creative work. When encouragement comes from the mind, when the idea of ​​writing comes to the mind, then it should not be like that. If so, the work may never be completed. Because we rarely get the encouragement from the mind to start working. In this case, the opposite is true. After starting work, one starts to feel better. Then there is an urge to finish the job. So it has been found that it is more difficult to start work than to finish it.

    5- Start working with a good habit:

    Habit is a very important thing. If you have to think before you do anything, it is very difficult. That’s why you should have a certain habit for some work, especially for your creative work. Famous dancer Twaila Thorper said,

    “I start my day with a habit. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I wear exercise clothes, my sweatshirt and hat. I walk out of my Manhattan house. Call a taxi and ask the driver to take you to 91st Street, First Avenue, Pumping Iron Gym. The habit is not that I go to the gym to lift weights or exercise. The habit is when I tell the driver to go to a certain place. It’s an easy task. But it becomes a habit to do it every morning. It is easy to do again and again. This reduces the chances of not attending the gym. It’s part of my routine and it’s less of a worry. ”

    6- Be professional

    The difference between a professional and an amateur is that professional people work regularly. You know your dreams and goals. But you have to work regularly to meet that goal. It’s hard to work professionally. Because there will come a time when you will not want to work according to your routine. I think I give up everything. But when you are not doing what you want, when everything is against you, then sticking to work makes you different from others. That is the professional attitude.

    Take three steps to build yourself up according to this attitude.

    1) Decide what you want to be an expert at. Many do not know what they want to do.

    2) Set a routine to work according to your purpose. But don’t do routines based on results. Such as losing five kilograms of weight in one week. Losing five kilograms of weight does not work. It is not up to you to do it. But exercise for an hour every day – you can do it. As a result, you may lose weight.

    3) Stick to your routine for a week. Creating a routine is not the key. The key is to work according to routine.

    It should be used to develop creativity properly. Sharp knives become blunt when not in use. Similarly, many creative people cannot develop their creativity due to laziness. There is only one way to develop creativity. And that is to work and stick to it.

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