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  1. My memorable encounters I had with a celebrity

    I have a few. In an elevator in ‘97, in Chelsea nyc there was a heavy blond woman (we were the only ones). She looked familiar but I just couldn’t place her face. I heard her from behind me say, “”i like your hair.” The minute she spoke i knew who she was. I smiled turned around and said, “i like your work”. She smiled back, and said thanks. It was Debbie Harry from Blondie!another one! I was 17 and on 5th ave and 12th street in the village and my friends 4 of us in total, were sitting in a building waiting for another friend. In walks these two gorgeous men, one blond, one brunette both wearing sunglasses. My breath was taken away but not enough to stop me from looking at the brunette and saying, “”where have you been all my life?” He laughed and looked at his friend who also laughed and he went into the elevator. Shortly after the elevator operator came back down and said to me, “”do you know who that was?”, i said no, he said, “”that was richard gere . Of course i was too stupid to know who he was even though it was at the height of officer and a gentleman! But looking back and remembering that amazing smile…please! Just one more! My friends (same ones from the above story!) we’re trying to get into the Palladium nightclub in union square nyc. We always went there but for some reason the night before they wouldn’t let us in saying we were too young. Anyway on this night we were determined so as I’m walking in this beautiful guy is standing next to me and he looks at me and says, “”nice hat” i took the opportunity to usher my friends closer as if we were with this man and i said thanks and started to talk to him. We got in… because we walked in it appears with Nick Rhoades (Duran Duran) and Andy Warhol! I’m so excited just writing these and reliving those moments!

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