Are you worried? Know with us the most important manifestations of anxiety, its causes, and methods of treatment

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According to the American Psychological Association (APA), anxiety is a natural emotion of every person that is predominantly filled with feelings of tension, fear, discomfort, and frequent disturbing thoughts. It may be associated with many physical changes, such as increased blood pressure, sweating, tremors, dizziness, insomnia. Or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and some consider it a reaction to fear, obsession, or a real or imagined threat.

Often and for most people, it is a natural and healthy feeling, especially in difficult times or the presence of some problems in personal life, it is a natural passion for survival when a person finds himself facing a danger. But it may become a disorder that places a burden on a person’s life when he is at high and exaggerated levels, or when a person suffers from it day after day even if at a low level, and if it persists for more than six months, it may be a generalized anxiety disorder that afflicts many people without being aware of it.

Similarities and differences between anxiety and depression

Its types
Generalized anxiety disorder

It is the most common disorder, it is a chronic disorder that includes the inability to stop feeling excessive anxiety about any events in daily life, and it is also difficult for the person to determine the reason for the feeling of tension. Sometimes, it is ridiculous and ordinary reasons, such as bills or relationships, which may cause unhealthy thinking and prevent a person from relaxing even when doing the things he enjoys or loves. If this feeling becomes severe, it can cause a lot of troubles and problems in relationships, activities, or work.

This disorder can affect people of any age, even children, but it has been observed to appear most often between childhood and adolescence (young adults) and affects women more than men.

Panic disorder
It is sudden attacks of terror and intense fear accompanied by some physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, nausea, chest pain. These disorders usually occur after a frightening experience or prolonged stress, and sometimes they may occur without a cause. Some may diagnose them as symptoms of a heart attack or death, but they are nonetheless one of the most common types of anxiety that can be treated.

People experience this type of disorder after going through a horrific shock or a tough situation such as the death of one of the close or friends, the most critical symptoms of which continually reminds the painful memories of the past, the loss of interest in things that were previously enjoyable and desirable, permanent discomfort and sometimes act violently in some situations. It is one of the cases that can be treated psychologically and medically.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder
It is tense, disturbing, and uncontrollable thoughts in which a person feels the constant and urgent need to verify specific actions such as checking the lock of the door or the car, continually losing personal items for no convincing or essential reason, just a delusion. Also, it can be treated with psychological counseling and some medications.

Social anxiety disorder
It is defined as the feeling of panic and fear in public social situations, fear of negative prejudice from others, or public embarrassment, such as dreading during a social event such as appearing on stage, fear of emotional relationships, and anxiety about the prior refusal. This disorder may cause people to avoid public affairs or personal connections to the degree that makes their lives difficult and isolated, and this may appear to people with specific symptoms such as sweating, stuttering, redness, and nausea and help in the treatment of psychological support and some types of medications.

It is a severe and unjustified fear of ordinary things and in most cases, does not cause any harm and has many forms such as the phobia of high places, phobia of closed spaces (elevators), hatred and phobia of some types of animals such as dogs for example and many others.

Most people do not seek treatment for it because they always try to avoid being exposed to what they fear, but it is also one of the types that can be treated easily.

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Causes of anxiety
Its roots are many and complex, and not all can be included, but we will now mention the most common ones:

Hereditary causes that play a significant role in developing anxiety within the family.
Environmental pressures, whether at the level of work, family, or personal relationships.
Mental health disorders (brain chemistry or hormones) where hormone imbalances in the body and electrical signals in the brain are one of the leading causes of anxiety disorders.
Medical causes such as the adverse side effects of some medications, the incidence of certain diseases, and the impact of painful surgery or prolonged recovery from an illness.
Trauma is as children who may be traumatized, ill-treated, or have witnessed painful events in their childhood.
Accumulation of problems and difficulties, even if small, such as the death of a relative or friend, constant anxiety about financial resources, or daily work stress.
Drug or alcohol addiction.
Symptoms of anxiety
Common signs and symptoms of anxiety include:

Muscle pain and tension.
I am tingling in the heart.
Difficulty concentrating.
Insomnia and lack of sleep.
Shortness of breath or excessive breathing.
Increased irritation.
Feel helpless.
Digestive problems.
Depression, mental health disorders, drug misuse (addiction to it), permanent insomnia, digestive system problems (gastric ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome), chronic headache, social isolation, problems at work or school, as well as attempted suicide, psychological and emotional instability, weak immune system, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and cardiac angina All of which are complications of anxiety.

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Anxiety treatment
Psychological counseling (cognitive behavioral therapy): This is done with the help of a psychological counselor that helps a person identify negative thoughts and fears and how to calm himself in the event of feeling disturbed or recommended some activities that alleviate it.
Medical treatment (medications): such as some anti-depressants, such as benzodiazepines, that help relieve anxiety, but it may take about a month for it to show its effect. Also, you should pay attention to the period taken so as not to cause addiction or any other side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, or weight gain, Therefore, you should consult your doctor before taking any dose.
Self-medication: In some cases of mild and moderate anxiety disorders, anyone can treat themselves at home and without medical supervision, as some simple routine changes in a person’s life can help him much in alleviating anxiety, such as relieving caffeinated drinks or some medications Taking enough rest every day, eating healthy foods, practicing relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises, long baths, brisk walking, regulating stress and actions, doing exercises to replace negative thoughts with positivity, choosing reliable and supportive people, and exercising T may help improve the self-image of the person and restore self-confidence and positive feelings.
Herbal remedy: Some of us may hear from the elderly some advice about using sedative herbs, so he wants to try it, but caution and consult a specialist before that to see if it is safe, many of them can cause interference with some depression medication or birth control pills as some of them are possible any It causes liver damage, so you should exercise great caution before using it.

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  1. Wow leyendo el articulo creo que padesco ansiedad tengo todos los síntomas no comprendo como este trastorno puede manejar las vidas de muchas personas.
    En mi caso e cambiado mi hábitos alimenticios realizó ejercicio y aún así hay días muy difíciles en los que no quiero ni salir de mi cama.

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  2. So many people in my immediate surrounding have been prone to anxiety and do not seek medical help, no matter how much you try and explain to them. Psychological help and assistance is vital for everyone, irrespective of hair or gender. I personally have almost been an ambassador for therapy when it comes to anxiety. Yoga, self-help books, meditation and the like are essential during these times especially when social distancing has been prescribed to us at large. We really need to be keen and watch out for people that may develop these conditions and get help for them ASAP!

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