Learn 12 steps to lose weight without following a diet

12 steps to lose weight:

Learn 12 steps to lose weight without following a diet
Medicines that lose weight, exercise and gyms are all ways to lose weight. You can develop a diet to lose weight, but how do you lose weight without following a specific diet?
We give you some tips that may help you lose weight without going into the hassles of following a tired diet:

1- Determine mealtime:

Set a specific time when you will eat, for example, 20 minutes, especially if you are slow to finish your food. This is one of the best habits to lose weight without a complicated diet plan. Setting a time to finish a meal will make you eat in small amounts most of the foods on the table.

2- Eat more vegetables:

Eating more fruits and vegetables every day than usual is a very excellent way to lose weight. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber that contains a large amount of water with fewer calories and if cooked without fat.

3- Start with soups:

Starting soup at any meal is very beneficial. As it will help to lose your appetite for the main lunch that may be overwhelming. The soup can be with low-calorie broth, canned soup, or use frozen vegetables. And leave on low heat and keep away from the high-fat and caloric soup.

4- Eat whole grains:
Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, and whole wheat all help and work to lose weight as they have fewer calories. And when you eat pizza, choose a veggie layer instead of meat.

5– Eat at home:
Eating home-cooked meals at least five days a week is much better than fast food because of the substantial calories it contains.

6- Chewing gum:
Chew sugar-free gum with a strong flavor if you are about to attack a snack meal. Making dinner after work, at a party, when watching TV, or surfing the Internet are a few dangerous scenarios for snacking.

7– More sleep equal to less weight:
You can sleep well or increase the hourly addition of sleep each day. According to researchers at the University of Michigan who were studying calorie intake numbers in 2,500 days. There is a statistic that makes sure that sleep helps in one way or another in a 6% decrease in calories taken as it reduces appetite.

8– Use full short cups:
Studies have indicated that a person’s visual cues act to cheat into consuming less than any drink when using quick, full cups.

9– Shrink your dishes:
Choose a 10-inch dish instead of a 12-inch dish to eat automatically. The quantity will be lower. Dr. Cornell Brian Ink indicated that most people eat more food if the recipe is more substantial. And therefore you have to reduce your plate or bowl in which you eat your diet to lose from 100-200 calories. Per day.

10 – Reduce as much as possible to eat meat:
Eating vegetarian meals is often a diet that is lean towards vegetarians. They tend to eat offspring for meat like fiber-rich legumes and low-calories like bulgur beans and lentil soup.

11- Burn more than 100 calories
Without dieting, you can burn an additional 100 calories each day and often burn calories. Depending on the person’s weight, you can use one of these activities:
The walk 1 kilometer is about 20 minutes.
 House cleaning for 30 minutes.
 Mental effort is a significant factor in weight loss, such as studying or work requiring serious psychological attempts for 30 minutes.

12- Yoga:
The person who practices yoga weighs less than others, as confirmed by studies conducted by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Especially for women where those who practice yoga consider a commitment to a specific approach to eating, stresses the researchers through calm self-awareness in the practice of yoga may help many in resisting excessive food.

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  1. this tips is very important every man and women…Really i hoop if flow this tips regularly i did loose some weight.

  2. Artigo muito informativo com as melhores dicas para perder peso sem plano de dieta.
    agradeço muito por essas dicas!

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